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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Now hear this!

So I just spent the last hour reading through my archives. I laughed and I cried as I remembered some of the amazing things that have happened in the past few years. And do you know what else?? I have a dang cute blog! I have things to say, I can occasionally say them well, and it's really quite fun to read. If I can amuse MYSELF for an hour, surely there are people out there who would read a quick story every day or two.

Moral of the story: just because I don't have easy access to pictures doesn't mean I can't blog. Cause I can. And I should. And I will.

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I've missed your entries. Welcome back.
Hope to see you and Steve up at ED Week

By Blogger Jacqueline, at 7:20 AM  

Actually I meant hope to see you and Steven up at ED Week. I got Steve from Mary's Steve. We were on the phone to them yesterday. That's what I get for commenting this early in the morning!

By Blogger Jacqueline, at 7:22 AM  

You totally have things to say. And you amuse and delight me with each word that you write. So, keep writing! Please?

By Blogger Andrea, at 8:14 AM  

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