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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Stuck at six

School has been going wonderfully lately. This should come as no shocker to anyone, but routines really do work! The structure of our days is directly proportional to how much we get accomplished. I know, I know, Flylady's been telling me this for years. But I'm really slow at getting some of these concepts.

So we've been very good about our morning routine of breakfast, dressed, scriptures, chores, then school. Ususally by school time Calvin is ready for his nap, so we're able to work without his 'help'.

I got Math U See at the beginning of the school year, we did it for 3 days, then I very promptly lost the DVD. Gone. I looked everywhere!! So we kind of shuffled through not very much math for the last couple of months until I decided to just buy the dang thing over again. I need the help of a curriculum. I'm just not organized enough to do this on my own yet.

We started at the Primer level because Hazel really really needs lots of reinforcement with each concept. She's been begging to do math at all hours of the day, and has blasted through the first third of the book. But she's limited in how much farther she can go, because she is NOT recognizing her numbers.

Every time she see's a seven, she asks Chloe "What's the pointy one?", to which 3 year old Chloe, with a bored expression, answers. There's 'two circles' (eight), and 'up circle' (nine) and 'down circle' (six).

We've played game after game to try to get this. Jumping games, hit the numbers sort of match games, bingo style, she asks me phone numbers and dials them, we try to incorporate numbers in everything, but this isn't sinking in.

So, wise internet, how do I teach number recognition for 6, 7, 8, and 9? Any great ideas? It's hard to move much farther in math until you know what the numbers are!!


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Becca-I am including a link you might want to read. She has a lot of links in her side bar. I think you could even take your concern to her and she might address it for you. This must be frustrating. Sorry you had to buy it over again. I would think the seller might send you a copy if you had already purchased from him. Is Hazel just 5? I always forget. I have a book from the library right now that might be good if she is still in the early 5's. There is a really cute exercise using an egg carton and numbers. It is suppose to reinforce the concept of a dozen but it might be a different approach to recognition.

Long title-I just checked amazon and it is listed for K-1. Here is the title

Janice VanCleave's play and find out about math : easy activities for young children

Here is the math link

By Anonymous nina, at 11:53 AM  

My suggestion is to get some numbers she can hold, manipulate, turn, flip, rotate, etc.
Also, have her write it in fun things - on a cookie sheet with flour, or ketchup, or pudding, or sugar (I think you get the point).

Or only vow to work on the numbers 1-5 for a week, then work on 1-6 until she gets the 6 down. Then work on 1-7 until the 7 is down (this is how did counting for 12-19 for my oldest. It worked well. It seemed if I only introduced one "new" number at a time she picked up on much quicker than we were trying to just teach 10-20 as a group)

If you have been truely working on it and it's not sinking, I would honestly take a break for a while. Could be she's just not ready and in a month or two it will click instantly.

I really don't have any other advice for you, but hang in there. Sometimes though, we need to step back, but it can be hard to do (well, at least in my house it is hard to do because I just want to keep going!) Whatever you do, good luck na dI hope you can break through those 6's soon.

By Blogger Brandie, at 4:01 PM  

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