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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


There are moments in life that take your breath away when you realize just how not in control we are. Moments where you are faced with the reality that it is God directing our paths, and He is the one in charge.

The other day I went to the grocery store with the girls and the baby. Calvin stayed home with Steve. After I returned, he mentioned that Calvin slipped out of the house and was riding his scooter and a neighbor brought him home. I didn't really think that much about it. Steve had been playing with him, then went into the other room and Calvin ran out. I was grateful, of course, to my neighbor, but not really aware of what had really taken place.

When I saw her the next day, I thanked her for bringing him home. She hadn't told Steve all the circumstances surrounding what had happened, but she told me then.

She told me that Calvin wasn't just riding his scooter around. He came looking for Mommy, and was turning onto a main road that leads to a very very very big road that you have to cross to get to the store. Calvin knows the way. He would have ridden his little scooter down to that very very very big road.

My dear friend told me then that never before has she felt so compelled to follow a spiritual prompting. She drove way out of her way, in her words "pulled" to the spot where he was rounding the corner. The path to the big road is off to the side--a few moments later and he would have been lost from sight until he was at the very very very big road.

I feel so humbled. So humbled knowing that God is aware of my sweet little son, and that his time on earth isn't over yet. So grateful for promptings of the Spirit, and for people who listen and follow.


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Wow ... there are hardly words for that kind of mercy at work in our daily lives, and for the gratitude that someone was listening to that still small voice!

The kids and I have been listening to LHOP on CD many times over, and I keep marveling at how many close brushes the Ingalls family had, and how, although Laura doesn't say so explicitly, God's hand of mercy was so clearly upon them.

By Blogger Hannah, at 10:02 AM  

Im curious as to how she reasoned that in her head? Did she realize at the time she went out of her way that it was a prompting from God or is that in retrospect? Amazing! I love stores that show God really does care about the tiny daily minutes in our lives.

By Blogger Mrs. Darling, at 1:00 PM  

I mean I love stories not stores! LOL

By Blogger Mrs. Darling, at 1:01 PM  

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