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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Last minute preparedness

Andrea and I went to the case lot sale at the grocery store today. Since we're so totally on top of things, we got there at 8:00 on the last night of the sale. We're kind of slackers, but at least we made it!

Within mere minutes, my cart was filled to capacity with tomatoes, black beans, evaporated milk, corn, sugar and much more. Sammy had to pull his own weight and obligingly carried a box of Ziploc for me. No worries about that--it just might have been the most exciting thing he's seen in his whole 4 month life. Oh, but those were exciting bags!!

We weren't the only ones who had procrastinated--the store was packed with people stocking up on the basics before the sale ended. And before inflation kills us, or the world ends, or whatever!! But you know, I felt so great about it. With all the insanity going on around us, at least I'll be able to feed my family some basic foods. There isn't much that I can do personally, but I CAN stock up on the things that we need.

Last week we canned peach syrup, tomorrow, applesauce. I still am going to stock up on clothes for the kids in the next few sizes. Just basics--some shoes and plain stuff. Nothing fancy, but enough so I'll feel that I'm doing everything in my power to take care of my family in a very uncertain time.


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