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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Young politicians, all of them!

I vacuumed and swept today.

Really, that shouldn't be a big deal, but seeing as it's been DAYS since either of those basic things have been done around here...I'm just thankful for little steps in the right direction. Steve is traveling again, and we're all in a bit of a funk. The kids are having that rough adjustment to the new situation that they go through every semester, and I'm kinda just mopey a bit myself.

But the floor is clean now, and everything is seeming more manageable now.

Calvin is being a stinker like you wouldn't believe. I KNOW he's acting up because he misses Steve, but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with in the moment. He's really disobedient and defiant, and will melt into the most heartbreaking puddle of tears when he's missing Steve. And oh, he's being mean to the girls!!

Hazel came upstairs crying, holding her eye and sobbing that Calvin had hit her in the eye. I started talking to him to see what had happened.

Me: "Calvin, did you hit Hazel?"

C: "NO! I Didn't!"

Me (sternly): Please tell the truth Calvin. Did you hit your sister?"

C (unrepentant and wickedly): "I didn't hit her. I PUNCH her!!!!"

I have to admit, I did giggle just a little bit.

I was back in my room putting the baby down for his nap. The kids were supposed to be doing their jobs. When I came out, I saw them taking turns standing on the hearth, making grandiose speeches. When I asked them what they were doing, they answerered matter of factly, "playing Sarah Palin and Rocco Bama."

The things they pick up on!


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OH, now that is too, too funny.

If you could see my floor at any given moment, you'd feel better.

That's rough on all of you, with the dh gone! :-(

By Blogger Hannah, at 9:27 PM  

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