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Sunday, March 28, 2010


Every morning as I'm serving breakfast, I hear the cheerful chorus of "Tauts meeywi, xie xie Eetsa!" I hear it from all the kids, including Sammy. And just what is this merry greeting?

Why it's good morning, thank you mother, in the original combination of Mandarin Chinese and Nez Perce Indian! But like you didn't know that. Of course that's what it is!

I speak Chinese, or used to any ways. The kids pick up random words here and there, hence the xie xie. And by the way, you haven't really lived till you've heard a very small boy who can't really speak English yet trying to speak Chinese. Priceless.

The girls are in a club based on the American Girls, and we're studying Kaya right now. She happens to be Nez Perce, so there you get the rest of the mouthful. They have cradleboards for their dolls that they wear all over the house, they love to wear headdresses, but they really really love the language. I think it's because the words are so dang fun to say--for example, they called themselves the Nimiipuu. See if you can say it without giggling!

I wonder how many families get to start their days with this extraordinary greeting! Not many, I'm guessing.

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I would take a "good morning and thank you mother" in ANY language!So funny. I'm excited to hear little Sammy speak his chinese....and I'm glad you're back!!

By Blogger Emily, at 1:12 PM  

I wish they had an American Girls club around us. We have had to go through them on our own. Kaya was one of our favorites.

By Blogger Sea Star, at 2:00 PM  

Becca, we belong to an AG club as well, and we'll be doing Kaya next month. Our leader is desperately seeking some resources, and I'm trying to help her. Anything you can point me to? Thanks!

I bet your kids will remember this particular family greeting into adulthood!

By Blogger Hannah, at 8:08 PM  

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