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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Computers and chickens

There's actually a reason for the complete absence of posts lately. It's not good, but it's a reason. You see, my beloved laptop died a cruel death last fall. With the economy the way it is, buying an extra laptop just for me to be able to blog conveniently isn't really all that high on the priority list. It's not like we're hurting for computers--there are after all, 2 desktops and Steve's laptop plus all the little baby work laptops. But, and here's the big clincher--none of them are mine.

You know, kind of the same feeling that you have for your own personal scriptures. Oh sure, the words are the same, but the emotional connection is so different.

I'm also the red-headed step-child of the computer totem pole. If Steve needs either the desktop or the laptop, I need to go. The other desktop is for business, and the baby ones are always gone on trips. So, there's my reason.

The other reason is that I can only download pictures onto a laptop--I don't have a cable, just the memory card. But Steve's laptop is the one I'm least likely to be able to use. And what's the point of a blog post with no pictures? It doesn't do a bit of good to tell you what the chickens look like right now, but a PICTURE, now that tells a story!

And so, I continue in silence, mentally composing blog posts that are doomed to remain purely cerebral. Good thing my dear mother-in-law spurred me to action this morning!

I suppose all of you have imaginations, and can probably make a mental picture of things. So here goes for updates.

The chickens are doing splendidly. At least, the egg layers are. All 15 of them are happy in the front room. They love to eat plain yogurt, strawberries and worms, and they're getting their big girl feathers. They actually look a little awkward, in the way that many animals look awkward as they transition from adorable baby to adult. The meat chickens, well, they're not doing so hot. They're outside in a brooder that we built (insert picture) out of an old bookshelf. They're absolutely ginormous and a little scary. Problem is, they keep dying. So far, I have 19 left out of the 25 we bought.

Calvin was most concerned about this. "But Mommy, if dey die now, we can't eat them all up!"

Exactly, my boy. He's got that whole circle of life pretty figured.

Steve is home now from his long trip. That means that the lappy is home also, and I'll someday be able to pull the pictures and show them. But at least there is this post to assuage my guilt!!