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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Spring is in the air. Literally.

Despite the inches of snow on the ground, it really is spring. I know, because it was Easter, and that definitely means spring. Of course we did all the normal activities--bunny baskets, dyeing eggs, talk of the resurrection--the usual. But now I'd like to present the more...unique way that sister Andrea came up with of celebrating the vernal onset. I present to you, the chick flick.

It started out innocently enough. I was incredibly crafty this year, so I planted wheatgrass and nestled some darling little chickies in it. Festive centerpiece, no?

Then Andrea (it always always starts with her. We're not sure if she's just mischievous, incredibly easily amused, or a combination of the two) decided to use her spoon to try to launch the chick into the grass.

Then we all had to try, because that's just too random to not be fun.

We got pretty good. Look at the height on these babies!

Tyler (now fully clothed--TMITYS did not come to Easter dinner) concentrates on getting just the right trajectory.

My sister in law Catherine took the photos. Apparently it's a little tricky to photograph paper chicks as their being flung across the table, but she did an incredible job. Must. Not. Covet. Her. Camera. She photographs and blogs at

Easter randomness. What else would you expect around here?

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The Funny Family strikes again!

Out of what, may I ask, did you make that darling chickie? Is it edible? Regardless, it's super cute and I hope that being flung through the air didn't ruin its aesthetic appeal!

By Blogger Hannah, at 4:41 PM  

Oh, that was misleading, Hannah. The crafty part was planting the wheatgrass and actually having it grow and be green. The chicks I bought at the craft store--they called to me. They're made of a styrofoam base and some kind of paper stuff on the top. Wish I was that clever.

They held up remarkably well. We did have one leg fall off towards the end, but I stuck it back on and the chicks are no worse for wear today.

By Blogger Rebecca, at 8:35 PM
The end.

By Blogger Emily, at 7:13 PM  

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